大和工業株式会社の連結子会社であるヤマトスチール株式会社(本社:兵庫県姫路市大津区吉美380番地、取締役社長:山内 靖彦、以下「ヤマトスチール」)は、当社製品のライフサイクル(Cradle to Gate)で発生したCO2等の温室効果ガス(以下、GHG)を、環境価値によってオフセット・再エネ化した環境配慮型鋼材ブランド 「+Green ™(プラスグリーン)」(以下、+Green)の販売を4月24日より開始します。

­ +Greenが生まれた経緯



­ +Greenが提供できるもの


­ +Greenが目指す価値



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Launch of “+Green TM “, a brand of eco-friendly steel products utilizing environmental values derived from nature and forests

Yamato Steel Corporation (Headquarter in Otsu-ku, Himeji, Hyogo, Japan; President: Yasuhiko Yamauchi; hereinafter “Yamato Steel”) has started sales of an eco-friendly steel brand, +Green TM, that leverages environmental value to offset irreducible greenhouse gases such as CO2 (hereinafter “GHG”) generated at present during our products life cycle (“Cradle to Gate”) as well as to switch to using electricity generated from renewable resources.

­Background where +Green was born

Forests, the most familiar natural resource for those of us living in Japan, is absorbing CO2 in the atmosphere generated by our daily lives and economic activities and contributing to the recharge of water resources and the conservation of biodiversity.
We have built a new brand; +Green to aim for sustainable steel making with the help of nature and forest resources as well as to support the maintenance and development of these irreplaceable resources that should be handed down to the future, together with our customers beyond the framework of our value chain.

­ What +Green can provide

For more than half a century, Yamato Steel has continued to make efforts to reduce GHG emissions by introducing energy-saving technologies and by fuel conversion. As a result, GHG emissions per product have been reduced to industry-leading levels.
+Green is our steel product that we have offset the irreducible GHG emissions generated from its production process including procuring raw materials with forest-derived carbon credits and non-fossil certificates of biomass power generation. +Green can be supplied for all section steel produced by Yamato Steel.

­ The value that +Green aims for

For +Green, we only use forest-derived carbon credits and non-fossil certificate of biomass power generation within Japan. This is because we aim to contribute to the sustainable development of nature and forest resources by circulating the funds to those who work for forest conservation. We also would like to cooperate with customers who purchase +Green to contribute to GHG reduction in the whole of society, beyond our value chain.

In “Domestic 2030/2050 Environmental Vision”, Yamato Kogyo Group has set a goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 46% by 2030 (compared to 2013) and becoming carbon neutral by 2050, and +Green is a part of our transition measures to achieve this goal.
Yamato Kogyo Group is committed to providing eco-friendly steel products to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

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