Resource Recycling

Basic Concept

Iron is a material with exceptional recyclability. We use steel scrap as raw material, melt it in an electric furnace to remove impurities, refine it into crude steel, and then roll it to produce steel products. We will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by enhancing and expanding systems that facilitate efficient recycling of steel scrap and realizing a sound material-cycle society (circular economy).

Realizing a Circular Economy with Steel

Medium-term Sustainability Plan "Resource Recycling"

Materiality Item FYE March 2026 FYE March 2025
Medium-term targets*1 Annual targets*1
Resource recycling Cyclic use of resources
  • We will take up challenge of reducing general waste emissions to zero.
  • We will improve our industrial waste recycling ratio by 5%.
  • Continue to provide environmental education on waste and recycling, and expand the use of recycled fuels such as plastics to reduce general waste.
  • Continuing to search for new markets to sell valuable resources and to consider processing methods to meet the market needs, to further reduce waste.

*1 Unless otherwise stated, descriptions under these items target iron and steel products business, that would have the greatest impact on the Yamato Kogyo Group.

The Challenge to Achieve Zero Waste (Zero Emissions)

Our Group reuses used steel scrap as the main raw material and recycles waste materials such as slag, dust, scale and other waste generated in the manufacturing process. Some of the slag generated in the steelmaking process at Yamato Steel is crushed and aged in-house and sold to recycling companies as valuable resources.
In FY2023, we promoted waste reduction by implementing intermediate treatment of industrial waste and converting it into recyclable products, improving the recycling rate by 4.3% compared to FY2020. We are steadily working toward our mid-term target of a 5% increase in the industrial waste recycling rate.
About the management of slag and slag products, we are striving for the proper management of steel slag products by preparing and complying with a management manual following the "Guidelines for the Management of Iron and Steel Slag Products" established by the Nippon Slag Association.

The Flow of Iron Recycling