Diverse Work Styles

Basic Concept

Creating a comfortable working environment and respecting diversity will help secure excellent human resources, which in turn will be a source of growth and competitiveness for the company.
The Yamato Kogyo Group’s Employee Code of Conduct stipulates that the Group "shall always strive to maintain a healthy work environment, respect the human rights of each individual, and never engage in any conduct that could lead to discrimination," and believes that by promoting diverse work styles that are unique to each individual, employees can make the most of their abilities. To this end, we respect the human rights and diversity of individual employees, prohibit discrimination, and have established a variety of support systems and measures to enhance work-life balance.

Maintaining Proper Employment and Labor-management Relations

Our Group provides working conditions (wage levels, benefits, etc.) and a working environment that are at least at the same level as other companies in the same industry in the same region, which can guarantee an appropriate balance between work and life, not to mention compliance with the relevant laws and regulations (Labor Standards Act and Industrial Safety and Health Act). We comply with laws and regulations regarding the payment of salaries, and in all regions, we set wages at or above the minimum wage established for each industry sector. Furthermore, bonuses are paid to employees as a means of returning the results of their performance. In terms of the amount to be paid, we consult with labor unions and pay bonuses per the performance of domestic and overseas group companies. In addition, although the industry is particularly prone to large fluctuations in the suitable employment of workers in response to economic trends and production conditions, we have responded by diversifying the Group's businesses and transferring employees within our Group, and we emphasize and maintain lifetime employment for our employees.
Regarding labor-management relations, the collective agreement between labor and management recognizes that the union is the only labor union that represents the employees, respects the union's "right to organize" and "right to collective bargaining," negotiations are conducted with the members representing the union, as well as clearly states that freedom of union activities and consideration for such activities are to be clearly stated and observed. Any changes in working conditions, important regulations, work rules, etc., are always discussed with and agreed upon by representatives of the labor union. In addition, regular labor-management consultations (exchange of opinions) are held, and through the union, we strive to create a vibrant workplace by hearing requests to the company from workplace members and ascertaining and improving the actual working environment. The Company has concluded a union shop agreement, and as stipulated in the labor agreement, the labor union membership rate of general employees excluding managers, branch staff, etc. is 100%. (As of March 31, 2023: 483 employees)

Annual Bonus Compensation

(Unit:10,000 yen)

2020 2021 2022 2023
Amount of money 190 170 220 220
Breakdown Summer 95
Winter 95
Summer 85
Winter 85
Summer 110
Winter 110
Summer 110
Winter 110

(Note 1)Up until 2023, the model for skilled union members was 37 years old with 19 years of service

(Unit: Months)                                 

Amount of money 7.9
Breakdown Summer 3.95
Winter 3.95

(Note 2)In 2024, the average of union members

Creating an Environment for Diverse Work Styles

Our Group believes that diverse work styles recognize the individuality of each employee and help create a comfortable workplace and increase productivity.
We reviewed our structure and shifted our human resources, general affairs, and accounting from a company-based organization to a function-based organization in July 2021. By doing so, we aim to unify policies and policies related to general affairs, human resources, and accounting, as well as to recruit, train, and utilize human resources, and to activate personnel exchanges among group companies as a whole.
In addition, to improve QCD (quality, cost, delivery), reform work styles, digitize and visualize corporate resource information, and speed up management decision making, we are promoting the renewal of our core systems to carry out a drastic reform of operations with the cooperation of the entire company. On the manufacturing front, we are actively investing in the introduction of the latest digital technology and the development of DX human resources, and are working to automate factory operations to save manpower, improve efficiency and stability, and enhance safety and product quality. In addition, we are working to improve employee efficiency and communication through the latest and most convenient groupware introduced in November 2020. The Groupware can be accessed from home or outside the office, speeding up business and ensuring a certain level of communication functionality even in situations such as the Corona disaster or in the event of a disaster.
In September 2021, we introduced a new human resources system, which enables employees to view pay stubs, complete year-end adjustments, electronically apply for various personnel notifications, and inquire about employee information on the Web, further improving convenience and efficiency. In September 2021, we will introduce a new HR system that will allow employees to view their pay stubs, complete year-end adjustments, electronically submit personnel reports, and inquire about employee information via the Web, further improving convenience and efficiency.