Supply Chain Management

Basic Concept

To contribute to society as a global company, the Yamato Kogyo Group believes that it is essential to give due consideration not only to the company itself but also to the entire supply chain. To build a relationship of trust with society as a whole, including our business partners, and to achieve mutual growth, we have established the Yamato Kogyo Group Employee Code of Conduct and Basic Procurement Policy, which stipulate what employees should observe. We will promote not only compliance and fair and equitable transactions, but also a consideration for human rights and the environment, and information management.


Procurement Policy: The Fundamental Principles

  1. Safety first and quality assurance
  • Our priority is safety. We promote procurement activities that offer our high-quality products and services at the optimum price to our customers.
  1. Ensuring compliance
  • We comply with all applicable laws and regulations and conform to the social norms. We perform our activities with the highest ethical standards to engender trust from our customers and society at large.
  • Our procurement personnel may not have any personal interests in or relationship with any suppliers, nor may our procurement personnel demand the use of our products and services or any contribution or other forms of donations from our suppliers.
  • We distance ourselves from any antisocial forces that threaten the order and security of our civil society and do not respond to illegal or unjust demands.
  1. Fair and impartial transactions
  • We select our suppliers based on a comprehensive evaluation of quality, price, delivery time, assurance of stable and transparent procurement, sustainability initiatives, technical capabilities, and proposal capabilities, amongst other things.
  • We use a competitive bidding and selection process for procurement to ensure fairness of all suppliers.
  1. Consideration of the environment
  • We observe all applicable environmental laws, regulations, and ordinances, and also follow voluntary industry standards for the environment to help society maintain a harmonious coexistence with nature.
  • We conduct environmentally sensible, non-polluting procurement activities.
  1. Mutual trust and prosperity with suppliers
  • We strive to establish long-term, coevolving relationships of trust with our suppliers. We work with suppliers to manage and avoid risks to minimize their impact on society and the Yamato Kogyo Group's business.
  1. Management of information
  • We manage suppliers' information and technologies obtained through our procurement activities with the utmost sensitivity and confidentiality.

Establishment of a Whistleblower System

We accept reports from our business partners and subcontractors through our Whistleblower Desk for early detection and correction of illegal activities that violate laws and regulations and corporate ethics.

Reporting System for Suppliers and Subcontractors (Japanese)

Compliance / Internal Reporting System