1944 Nov.

Established by Asaji Inoue, Representative Director, in Mikunino-mura, Shikama-gun, Hyogo Pref. (currently Himeji City), as a subcontracting factory in the Himeji district, of Kawanishi Aircraft Co., Ltd.

1945 Aug.

Switched the operation over to the manufacture, and repair of trackwork materials for supply to the Japanese National Railways and private railways.

1958 Sep.

The production of steel castings was started at the Nibuno plant.

1959 Nov.

A 15-ton Heroult electric arc furnace was built inhouse at the Nibuno plant.

1960 Apr.

Construction of a large-size rolling mill at the Nibuno plant was completed.Thus, the company became the only maker of trackwork materials in Japan to operate on a "through" basis-from production of steel ingots to rolling of steel materials and fabrication of final products.

1961 Dec.

A 40-ton electric arc furnace went into operation at the Aboshi plant.

1962 Mar.

Established Yamato Shoji Co., Ltd.

1962 Sep.

Shares listed in the First Section of the Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchange.

1962 Sep.

The Steel Frame and Bridge Construction Dept. (heavy industries dept.) was established at the main plant.

1966 Nov.

The Nibuno and Ichikawa plants were moved to the site of the main plant to concentrate operations.

1969 Nov.

The Heavy-duty Machining Dept. was newly established and went into operation.

1973 Jun.

The No.1 continuous casting machine went into operation.

1973 Aug.

A 50-ton electric arc furnace went into operation.

1975 Nov.

A universal mill went into operation.

1978 Mar.

No.2 continuous casting machine went into operation.

1987 Feb.

Established Nucor-Yamato Steel Co., Ltd joint venture in America.

1989 Sep.

Established Arkansas Steel Associates LLC joint venture in America.

1991 Oct.

Four strand beam blank/bloom combination type continuous casting machines started operations (upgrade of the No.1 and No.2 casting machines).

1992 Apr.

Established Siam Yamato Steel Co., Ltd joint venture in Thailand.

1996 Apr.

Started use of 130-ton direct current electric arc furnace (upgrade of the 40-ton and 50-ton electric arc furnaces).

2002 Apr.

The trackwork materials department was separated and Yamato Trackwork System Co., Ltd was established.

2002 Nov.

Established Yamato Korea Steel Corporation (currently YK Steel Corporation) in Korea.

2003 Oct.

The steel and heavy industry departments were spun off and Yamato Steel Co., Ltd. was established. Yamato Kogyo Co., Ltd was converted to a holding company.

2009 Feb.

Established United Steel Company (SULB) (currently SULB Company BSC(c)) in Bahrain.

2010 Mar.

The second plant began operations at Siam Yamato Steel Co., Ltd.

2011 Jun.

Established United SULB Company (Saudi Sulb) LLC in Saudi Arabia.

2020 Mar.


2022 Apr.

Shifted from the First Section to the Prime Market in accordance with the reorganization of the market segmentation of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

2024 May

Established PT Garuda Yamato Steel in Indonesia.