Privacy Policy

Yamato Kogyo (“the Company”) strongly recognizes the importance of protecting personal information of customers, business partners , shareholders and the like (“customers, etc.”), and will fulfill the trust and meet the expectations of customers, etc. by appropriately managing and using personal information in compliance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other related laws, regulations, and guidelines, and in accordance with the following policy.

1. Purpose of use for personal information

The Company uses personal information of customers, etc. for the following purposes.

2. Security control measures

The Company takes the following measures to prevent the leakage, loss, or damage of personal information, and to manage it appropriately.

Formulation of basic policy

・To ensure that personal information is handled appropriately, and to establish a contact point for dealing with questions and complaints, the Company has established this basic policy.

Rules for handling personal data

・In relation to the handling of personal data, the Company sets out internal rules and manuals to follow.

Organizational security control measures

・In addition to appointing supervisors for the handling of personal information, the Company manages and audits records of personal information.

Human security control measures

・The Company provides periodic training to employees, etc. on items to consider when handling personal information.
・Confidentiality in relation to personal information has been stated in the employment regulations.

Physical security control measures

・In addition to controlling access to buildings and floors, and storing documents under lock and key, etc., the Company imposes restrictions on taking electronic media outside the premises.
・In cases where equipment, electronic media, etc. containing personal information are, carried, even within the office, the Company takes measures to ensure that personal information cannot be easily become known.

Technical security control measures

・Access control measures are put in place to limit persons who may handle personal information.
・The company takes measures to prevent illicit external access to systems that handle personal information, and to protect them from malware.

Understanding the external environment

・For the handling of personal information overseas, security control measures are to be implemented after periodic gathering of information to facilitate understanding of the personal information control system of the country in question.

3. Provision of personal information to third parties

Except in the following cases, the Company does not provide personal information to third parties without the consent of the individual.

4. Joint use of personal information

The Company jointly uses the personal information of customers, etc., in the following ways.

5. Requests for the disclosure, etc. of personal data

When the Company receives a request from a person or their representative to disclose personal data or records provided by third parties, it will respond without delay except in situations listed below. If the Company chooses not to disclose or no personal data on the individual in question is held, a response to that effect will be made.

In addition, when the Company receives a request from a person or their representative for revisions / additions to, or removal of personal data held, or a request to discontinue the use of that data, or to delete it, or to discontinue its provision to third parties, the Company will respond in accordance with laws and regulations after conducting an investigation.
To ensure the privacy and security of the person in question, the Company may request the submission of materials to verify their identity. It may also request to provide additional information.

Inquiries related to the above should be directed to “6. Contact .”

6. Contact

If you have requests for disclosure, etc. of personal information, or other opinions, questions, or concerns about our handling of personal information, please contact:

Personnel Section, Personnel Department, Yamato Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Please select “Inquiry Form” from the above link.
In the form, please select “Other” as the inquiry type, and enter your message.

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