Environmental Management

Basic Concept

The Yamato Kogyo Group has established company-wide targets and a promotion system to address environmental issues, Yamato Steel Co., Ltd., and Yamato Trackwork System Co., Ltd. have acquired and are operating the ISO 14001 environmental management system, an international standard, to continuously improve environmental management.


Yamato Steel Co., Ltd.

Environmental Policy

◆ Basic Philosophy

We are deeply aware of the importance of protecting the global environment for humanity's survival. We understand the substantial impact of iron and steel manufacturing on the global and local environment and aim to make continuous improvements harmonized with the environment as well as to focus on the prevention of pollution.

◆ Basic Policy

  1. Environmental protection is a top management priority and we shall actively carry out environmental protection measures.
  2. We shall explore the environmental aspects of our production, products, and services and look for ways to reduce environmental load.
  3. All of our employees and related personnel shall protect the environment through continuous improvements of our environmental activities and promoting the prevention of pollution.
    (1) Save energy and resources
    (2) Promote recycling
    (3) Reduce waste
    (4) Follow eco-friendly business practices
  4. We shall comply with all environment-related regulations and agreements we accepted.
  5. In light of environmental impact assessments, we shall establish action plans for achieving environmental targets, continuously improve and reevaluate environmental activities, and set up review frameworks.


Our Group has established an Environmental Subcommittee under the Sustainability Committee chaired by the President of Yamato Kogyo Co., Ltd. to set environmental targets, check the status of achievement, and improve the environmental performance of the entire Group.
In particular, issues that are important to management, such as climate change, are discussed at the Management Committee and further reported to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors discusses and supervises the reported environmental issues. In addition, each group company has appointed a person in charge to promote activities on a corporate basis.

Acquisition of Environmental Certification

Our major group companies in Japan have acquired ISO 14001 certification, an international certification for environmental management systems, and undergo periodic renewal audits. In addition, the Environmental Control Section conducts internal audits once a year, and the president and auditors conduct management reviews twice a year, to improve the management level.

<ISO 14001 certified factory scope>

  • Yamato Steel Co., Ltd.
  • Yamato Trackwork System Co., Ltd.

<ISO 14001 Audit Results>

  • Yamato Steel, October 2023 Surveillance audit – certification maintained.
  • Yamato Trackwork System, October 2023 Renewal audit – certification renewed.

<Compliance audit results>

  • On-site water sampling of factory wastewater by Himeji City Environment Policy Office (Feb 2024)
    Conducted per Article 26 of the Himeji City Pollution Prevention Ordinance. All results (regular items) are below legal standard values.
  • On-site inspection by Himeji City Industrial Waste Management Division conducted (Dec 2023)
    Conducted per Article 19, Paragraph 1 of the Act on Waste Management and Public Cleansing