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in the domestic electric furnace industry,in the domestic electric furnace industry,

Yamato Kogyo started an overseas expansion.

Yamato Kogyo was established in Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture, in 1944. Since then, it has focused on overseas business. Indeed, Yamato Kogyo entered the U.S. market in 1987 as a pioneer among domestic electric furnace manufacturers, and subsequently expanded to Thailand in 1992, and then to South Korea, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.
Yamato Kogyo has a consistent system that covers production through to sales at its base in each country, and we work on product making to support the social infrastructure of each region.

The number of employees in the entire group:The number of employees in the entire group:
The number of employees working at overseas bases:

As a result of the Yamato Kogyo Group’s aggressive overseas expansion, approximately 86% of all group employees are now working at overseas bases.
We have developed each overseas business based on strong relationships with local partners in the respective countries.

※Including the employees of companies accounted for by the equity method.

The group’s total steel production capacity
million tons per year
At its overseas bases
At its domestic bases

Indeed, the group’s steel production capacity is approximately 6.8 million tons per year, which is equivalent to 1,700 Tokyo Towers.
Approximately 90% of these are from overseas bases.

※Including the production capacities of companies accounted for by the equity method. ※Licensed by TOKYO TOWER

From Himeji to the world

Yamato Kogyo Group is a global company with business expanding around the world from its base in Himeji, Japan.
We have established integrated systems from manufacturing to the sale of steel products at each local base, and are working to support the infrastructural needs of the world.

Production Bases of Yamato Kogyo Group

Tirelessly taking on challenges overseas

Tirelessly taking on challenges overseas

Yamato Kogyo Group takes pride in having top-class profit performance among Japanese electric furnace manufacturers.
Around 80% of our ordinary income is derived from overseas business, and we believe that the development of the group could not have happened without its overseas expansion.
We entered the U.S. market as a pioneer among domestic electric furnace manufacturers in the 1980s and in Thailand in 1992, with South Korea, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia following after.

A passion for manufacturing

A passion for manufacturing

We believe the biggest reason that Yamato Kogyo Group has become a unique global company in the electric furnace steel industry in Japan is our passion for manufacturing.
Based on our technologies developed in Japan, we have found great partners such as the major U.S. steel company Nucor Corporation and Thailand’s Siam Cement Group. We built up relationships with our partners by dividing the roles so that our partners focus on management matters while we focus on providing technology. Under this type of relationship, we have grown each overseas business. With our passion for manufacturing, we will continue contributing to the industries of the world as a global company.


  • Nucor-Yamato Steel Company(U.S.A)

    Nucor-Yamato Steel Company

    The partner for this joint venture is Nucor Corporation, the largest steel manufacturer in the U.S. This plant boasts impressive 7.6 million square meter premises, which is equivalent to around 200 Koshien Stadiums, and has an annual production capacity of over 2.5 million short tons. It is the only plant in the U.S. which can produce the world’s largest H-beam (1100 x 400mm).

  • Arkansas Steel Associates LLC(U.S.A)

    Arkansas Steel Associates LLC

    Our partner is Sumitomo Corporation, which has a broad network within the U.S. railroad industry. Arkansas Steel Associates produces tie plates, which are used to fasten rails and sleepers. This plant uses a manufacturing system that handles everything from materials to finished products, and is a plant where steel making, rolling, and fabrication processes are integrated.

  • Siam Yamato Steel Co., Ltd.(Thailand)

    Siam Yamato Steel Co., Ltd.

    This partner company is one of the largest in Thailand, Siam Cement Group. As the only H-beam producer in Thailand, SYS has contributed to spread of H-beams in Thailand and neighboring countries where rebar-based construction is still main stream.

  • YK Steel Corporation(South Korea)

    YK Steel Corporation

    YK Steel is the only rebar manufacturer within Yamato Kogyo Group, which partners with Daehan Steel, one of the major rebar manufacturer in South Korea. YK Steel’s rebar is widely used for the construction of apartments and other types of buildings in South Korea.

  • SULB Company BSC(c)(Bahrain)
    United SULB Company (Saudi Sulb) LLC(Saudi Arabia)

    SULB Company BSC(c)

    Based in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, Sulb exports its products to a wide range of regions including Europe and Africa. This plant adopts a DRI (direct reduction iron) method in which iron ore pellets are used as material instead of scraps.



    Our partner is POSCO, one of the world's leading steel manufacturers. As the only H-beam producer in Vietnam, PY VINA will continue to fulfill the needs for infrastructure in Vietnam that is expected to grow even more, so that they can contribute to the development of the Vietnamese economy.